Why Is Crazy Time So Popular Around The World?

Why Is Crazy Time So Popular Around The World?

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming has redefined the online casino live dealer genre. For 15 years, the developer has refined its goals and operations in order to bring players revolutionary live gameplay from the comfort of their homes. Among the popular titles released from the industry giant is an undeniable fan favorite: Crazy Time.

Crazy Time is an intriguing launch for online casino gaming that introduces a mixture of game show and live collaborative play with the potential for big wins.

You can find this relatively new gameshow-style live dealer title in almost any online casino around the world. Whether you want to 배팅 (bet) on Crazy Time in Korea, or experience the (coin flip) bonus round in Greece, Evolution’s smash hit knows no boundaries. What makes it so popular? We find out below.

Crazy Time Game Information Table

Game Type Live Casino Game
Game Title Crazy Time
Developer Evolution Gaming
RTP 95.5%
Paylines NA
Max Win 25,000x
Release Date 10.06.2020

Crazy Time review

Live casino games are not a new addition to online gaming, but they are a particularly hard genre to do well. This kind of game thrives in land-based casinos thanks to player energy that elevates the experience. Internet-based play simply does not lend itself quite as well to collaborative play and rising group excitement, leading some releases to fall flat. Evolution Gaming’s titles are an exception to this rule. Itsunique gamesare carefully designed to please live casino gamers despite the lack of in-person competition.

Released in 2020, Crazy Time was something of an enigma. The idea of live wheel-based game shows directed towards online casino gamers was a unique one that had some players scratching their heads. Luckily, the game appeals to a wide audience and successfully attracted plenty of positive attention. This intrigue begins with Crazy Time’s innovative combination of virtual reality and real-world design elements.

The most notable example of this blend of the real and the virtual is the bonus game. Players spin a virtual wheel controlled by the real-world presenter. The theme is also present throughout the rest of the game, with players taking part in a virtual board that is operated by the presenter.

The overall aesthetics of Crazy Time mimic classic game shows – there aregrandiose decorations with plenty of flashing lights and faux luxurious trimmings. Even the presenters fit the concept, typically wearing dresses or suits as they interact with ostentatious augmented reality visual effects.

The most intriguing part of Crazy Time, however, is its gameplay. Keep reading our Crazy Time review for a detailed look at the game’s features and bonuses!

How to play Crazy Time

The title has plenty of high-stakes features to keep players engaged. The unique game show offers the same fun that the developer perfected with Dream Catcher, with new twists in the form of multipliers and bonus games. We will look at the most exciting of these in this section.

Main Game

The main game is simple. The main money wheel and the top slot spin at the same time when the rounds begin. The top slot generates a multiplier for a specific bet spot. If the bet spot and the multiplier are aligned horizontally, the multiplier is added to the bet spot. From there, the lucky players with a newly boosted win potential must hope that the main wheel stops at the same bet spot.

Bonus Game: Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game takes placein the middle of a shooting gallery. The large screen contains 108 multipliers thatare covered with random symbols, and the players must select a target behind which they believe the biggest multiplier sits. Once the bet has been made, the cannon shoots at the player’s target and reveals the multiplier applied to their win.

Bonus Game: Pachinko

The star of the show in the Pachinko bonus game is a Pachinko wall. The presenter drops a puck through the pegs and the multiplier it lands on is the winning multiplier. Note that if the puck hits a double-value spot, the bottom row of multipliers is doubled and the puck is dropped once again. The maximum multiplier in this round is 10,000x.

Bonus Game: Coin Flip

The aptly titled Coin Flip bonus game features a coin flip that will determine the winning multiplier. The potential multipliers are generated randomly just before the coin is flipped.

Bonus Game: Crazy Time

The Crazy Time bonus game presents players with a large virtual-money reel. Players select their flapper, and the presenter starts the wheel’s spin. Players win the multiplier where their flapper lands. Note that double and triple values are possible in this bonus game! The maximum multiplier here is 20,000x.

Crazy Time tips

The best way to do well in Crazy Time is to remain calm! Adrenaline can lead to tactical errors, so try to stay as calm as possible even when you are winning or losing. You might also consider doing further research into the game before you jump in. Once you have found all the Crazy Time tips you can handle, you can start playing!

Responsible gaming

Players with set budgets are often able to immerse themselves in the gameplay without worrying about the money, as they bet only money that they can afford to lose. Set a budget when you are playing.

Do not hesitate to set strict schedules to keep your experience confined to a free-time hobby, and reach out to your online operator if you need help.

Crazy Time verdict

Crazy Time is a great option for players interested in collaborative gaming. It is highly polished in terms of aesthetics as well as gameplay, offering usersan excellent player experience from the first round to the last. Add to this the title’s generous bonus rounds and experienced presenters, and players are in for a great time.

Users interested in Crazy Time can enjoy the title right now! It was released in 2020 and is available at casinos that offer Evolution Gaming titles.